Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hardanger pin cushion finish

I got this pin cushion done last night. This is a hardanger pin cushion that will be a birthday present for my friend Mary Ellen. She does needle work too and we do a lot of events and club meetings together. Her birthday is April 1 so, I got it done with some time to spare. I think I will work on my big hardanger piece until Monday and then go back to my rotation.,


  1. Beautiful colors and nice work on this pincushion! Great blog too. Thanks for the blog invitation on the hardanger board. Come over and visit my blog too when you have time. I still follow the hardanger board, and have done many hardanger pieces, but right now am mostly into quilting.

    Keep on stitchin' !

    Beth in N.D.

  2. This is lovely -- if it were given to me I would use it as an ornament because it's too pretty to stick pins into!