Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good piece of work

I did some serious work on this the past five days. I've now got just about half of the last band done. After I get this last band done I have a huge amount of beads to put on and then it will be done. Don't remember when I started it but, it's been several years ago. Sorry the detail isn't real good but it is a rather large project to get in the picture.
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  1. This is SO beautiful!! All of the intricate detailing just keeps you looking forever. I LOVE it!!

    Now I'm anxious to see it with all of the beading. .it is going to be gorgeous beyond words!!

    Thanks SO much for sharing it with us!

    Oh! We'll be going through Waterloo next Tuesday, on our way to Rochester, MN. I'll send out a Hello & A Hug when we are passing through!

  2. Wow, that is BEAUTIFUL!! It will be amazing with the beads. Gorgeous work!