Saturday, June 26, 2010

Heart Welcome Bell Pull

I couldn't wait any longer. I've had this bell pull done for a couple of weeks. I am working on the hardanger bell pull tassle and I will be finished I hope by next weekend. This will be going to Iowa's State Fair. in August. This bell pull design was designed by Victoria Sampler.
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  1. Your bellpull looks really lovely - I keep meaning to go back and learn how to do hardanger again - really must kit up my beginners class I have sitting here! :) Good luck at the fair!

  2. Looks lovely. I love hardanger very much. Great work

  3. That is beautiful! So much work. I've never attempted hardanger myself. too scared I'd mess it up. LOL

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Great job - I want one!!

    Judi in Phx Az