Monday, July 26, 2010

June and July Hardanger Cards

I got caught up on my monthly cards from Nordic Needle this past weekend. The top is June and the bottom is July, now I am up to date. The picture was taken at dusk so it's a little hard to see the color. June is a very pretty yellow/squash and July is a very pretty grey and puple varigated. I really like this color because of the soft variables. August will be coming in another week .
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Simply Elegant Needlecase

My daughter's birthday is July 31 so, I made it. I wanted to make one of these for her and one for me. I haven't got mine done yet but at least I got her's done. This is Simply Elegant Needlecase by Lorri Birmingham. It's an old pattern and came as a kit. I am doing mine in white, the kit was ecru.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Name badge

The retreat that I go to in August has a theme of birds, in particular Poof. Poof is a wild looking peacock sort of bird. Well, this is my version of Poof. The feathers on him actually came from my two African Grey Parrots. The bright red feathers came from Dusty, my Congo and the dark grey feathers came from Abby my Timneh. Lots of fun doing this one.
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Flowers in my garden

I was out taking pictures of my flowers today. The top one is a Stargazer lily. The next is some old fashioned pansys I grew from seed this year. The next two are some beautiful day lilys that have a brillant orange color to them. All of my flowers are really pretty this year, we've had abundent water and the temp. has been good to.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Web of Stash

I started this because I was looking for something a little easier then hardanger. I've got a lot of hardanger coming up and this is somthing to relax my mind a little. This is called Web of Stash by Glendon Place. The color of the fabric didn't come out good. The color is actually a very pretty soft orange.
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