Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scissor case and fob

This came as a kit (scissors not included) with ribbon, and beads. I have not done any beading like this and I enjoyed doing this. It was fairly simple and came out very nice. Now I won't lose my scissors at the next retreat or stitch-in.
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Last ornament for this year

This is my last ornament for this year. This one is for my daughter and I wanted to make it into a flat-fold but, I was in a hurry and didnt' read the instrustions so it turned out to be a door hanger. After thinking about it I'm glad I did it this way because she has more door knobs in her house then places to set things. This is from the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue this year.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Ornament for me

I found a really nice ornament in this year's Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament issue. I decided to do it for me, there wasn't a lot of stitching envolved but, the finishing was more difficult then I wanted to do for a give away. It's actually a little box pillow and there is a stitched back to it. I have posted a picture down below this of the back. It really turned out cute but, the next time I will use ribbon for the bow on top.
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Christmas ornie for me

Here is the back of the Christmas ornie. I decided to just put the year on it.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Witch Parking by Glendon Place

I am a member of The Stitchers Village and over the Halloween weekend Cheryl Granda was visiting and we could chat on line with her. She designed this free design and I loved it so I put it together as a flat fold. You can see in the next picture that this was the first time I ever did this. I stitched this on a opalecent and it really came out cute.
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My First Attempt

This is my first attempt at a stand up. I used some directions on a couple of web sites. I am really very happy with the way this came out.
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