Friday, December 31, 2010

December Hardanger Card

This is December's Hardanger Card from Nordic Needle's Hardanger card of the month club. I must admit this one is probably my favorite. The colors are a real pretty pink and greenish grey. The pattern was fun and the whole card came out really nice. I had a lot of fun with all these cards and when Nordic Needle has another hardanger of the month that I like I will do it again. They are doing a bookmark of the month in 2011 and I'm not into bookmarks.
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November Hardanger Card

This one is November's Hardanger Card from Nordic Needle's Card of the month. This was very dense stitching and it took quite a bit to stitch it. Very pretty with the colors though.
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October Hardanger Card

This is the October Hardanger Card that was from Nordic Needle card of the month. The card is in a very pastel yellow and the thread is a cream.
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