Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fairy Grandmother

I started this project many years ago and decided to get it finished this year so, it went into my rotation. I worked on it all last week and here is my progress. This one is Fairy Grandmother by Lavender and Lace.
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I have had Beasley for a couple of weeks now but I am just now getting around to posting a picture. This little guy is the brother of Sweeny whom you see in the back ground. Beasley is from a different litter but both dogs have the same parents. He 1/2 chihuahua and 1/4 rat and 1/4 fox terrier. I have never been able to see the Rat Terrier but, the Chihuahua and Fox Terrier are pretty visiable. Beasley turned 4 months today and isn't quite 3 lbs. I'm thinking he will be between Sweeny and Cricket (full Chihuahua).
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