Sunday, March 20, 2011


This plant was given to me by a gal that my husband did some work for. It has the most beautiful orange and yellow flowers and the plant is a beautiful dark green. What a beautiful plant and, I've been looking on line for others and how to grow them. Since I've grown orchids successfully I should be able to grow this beauty and I am sure I will own others. Thanks Isabella.
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  1. Really beautiful flower and your stitching is just wonderful too. I think it would be so hard to see the silk gauze and wouldn't even try it myself. I am way behind in reading blogs and groups. but trying to do a little catch up now.

    Mary Louise

  2. I have one of these on my kitchen windowsill .. its just coming into flower just know .. only water it once a week ish and that's it .. if you find out anything let me know love mouse xxx

  3. That's gorgeous! I love that color!