Tuesday, April 17, 2012

February Christmas Ornament

 I am back from my retreat. The retreat was great and I had a lot of laughs with the gals I had not seen for a year. The shopping was great and as usual, bought more then I will ever get done. The weater went to pieces on the day we were going to drive home so, we decided to stay Sunday and come back on Monday. This is what I got done during the retreat, there is always so much going on, I'm surprised I get any thing done. Thanks for all the well wishes.
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  1. Very pretty ornament! Glad you had a good time at the retreat.

  2. Beautiful stitching, please stay safe from that bad weather.

  3. Lovely work you made at the retreat! Nice to hear you bought more stash then you'll ever can use:-)

  4. Hello

    Just joined your lovely blog.

    Your stitching is beautiful.
    I love your ornament!
    Happy stitching.

  5. Thanks every one for such wonderful compliments. Also, welcome Milly I'm glad to see a new face. I am going to go back to posting every week, I've got so much that I am working on right now. Most of it is SAL's that are free on the internet. They are all really good sized projects and it will take me awhile to get them done. I hope you will all come back to see my progress.