Tuesday, August 28, 2012


My daughter loves quirky and off the wall things, so I decided to stitch her this funny Halloween picture and I finished it as a flat fold so she could put it any where. What a fun project.


  1. This is so cute, just love it! You'll have a real laugh at me, I just happened to look over to the right side of my screen and i thought what kind of bug is crawling across my screen?? Then realized it's fish! LOL

    Mary Louise

  2. this pattern is on my stitch list for my daughter too - am glad you stitched this up so I can see how good it looks - just love the fabric you chose for the backing - fabulous!

  3. That looks really good and I love idea for finishing, perfect!

  4. Thanks every one it was such a fun project. The bright colors always makes it fun.

    Mary, yup I got a laugh out of you thinking my fish were bugs. Very good.